proxy websites / servers, what are they?

This is what proxy website/servers usually do;

Normally, when a request is made on the internet, the end server is contacted directly. A proxy stands as an interface between your request and the server which your request is been made to. Your pc contacts it, and it makes the request on your behalf. When the end server gets the request and replies to the proxy, it sends the reply back to you. No direct contact occurs between you and the final destination, the proxy servers information is seen by the site instead of yours. As you learn more about proxies, you’ll discover that, they are not allowed for some websites. You are asked to show your identification. But its rare.

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It serves these potential purposes;

    It keeps machines behind it anonymous (mainly for security). To apply access policy to network services or content, e.g. to block undesired sites.
    To log / audit usage, i.e. to provide company employee Internet usage reporting.
    To bypass security/ parental controls.
    To scan transmitted content for malware before delivery.
    To circumvent regional restrictions.

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A secure tunnel creates a link between your pc and the target. It encrypts or scrambles the data sent from your system before it is sent over the network thereby, making the data to appear as gibberish to any interceptor besides your target. This gives you some kind of security.

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