Security and hacking; How to respond to incidents

This is briefly about security and hacking and ways at which we can respond to incidents.

Response to incidents depend on the type of incident, for instance, a trojan attack would be met by a termination of the process that opened the trojan and the deletion of the file/files from the pc, and other steps. A virus attack like the boot virus would be resolved by changing the booting process, repairing the sector and so on.

The point here is, prevention is one thing, and responding quickly and correctly to these incidents is quite another. Do not hesitate to apply speed and intelligence when responding to any breach in security. But before responding, mark out a plan before they occur. I mean from the first day you bought your pc, have a plan on responding to specific incidents.

To respond appropriately to any incident, you need the following;

    Have backup files and document copies.
    Be on alert. Always know that, the best of hackers can also be hacked.
    Minimize the number and severity of security incidents
    Define an incident response plan.
    Contain the damage and minimize risk as much as possible

For Organizations;

  • Create an incident response team/computer security team, which would be responsible for the following:
    • 1. Initial assessment/evaluation
      2. Initial Response
      3. Collecting forensics
      4. Implementing a temporary solution
      5. Send out notices
      6. Consult local authorities/bodies incharge.
      7. Implement permanent solutions
      8. Would determine the financial impact of the incident on the business.

    There are some network monitoring software programs that can at least identify an attack before it does any damage to a pc, and can give room for forensics. But as I said earlier, anyone can be attacked.

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