I advice all computer home users to know these

    The first thing to do when your pc is attacked is to shut it off
    Always lock up your pc with a password. This would stop all unauthorized access since information can be obtained directly from your pc.
    Do not place the screens at the sight of strangers.
    Ask for the id of anyone who solicits for information.
    Do not trust any email you don’t know of.
    Be careful when downloading software or files.
    Always know how safe a site is before visiting it.
    Report a spam.

Password tips

    Include special Characters like #, or numbers.
    It should at least be up to 6 characters.
    Combine numbers and letters.
    Don’t use your name or birthday and even petnames as a password or user names.
    Don’t store passwords in any file on your computer.
    have different passwords for different purposes/sign-ups
    avoid using numbers like, 1234567890 or 0987654321. They can all be guessed.

A pc can't be attacked by a hacker when it's off or not connected to the internet.

    Always read software license before downloading.
    Do not respond to emergent messages requesting personal or financial information, review account statements to detect unauthorized charges.
    Use antivirus software and a firewall.
    Avoid using public computers or unsecured internet connectivity.
    I recommend paypal for most transactions because with it you can open and resolve disputes online.
    Do not send personal or confidential information in instant messenger and avoid opening unknown files. If you share files, verify who its from and what you are sharing, if possible use encryption on instant messenger.
    USB devices should be scanned before using, disable automatic detection, restrict sharing among other measures.
    Always back up your data to avoid being a victim of hard disk crash.

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