information security continues; More tips on internet security

This is also included because of the importance of information security.

    Use secure FTP clients when transferring files with FTP to ensure safe guaranteed and uninterrupted transmission.
    Avoid using public computers or unsecured internet connectivity.
    Do not allow your activities on the computer to be viewed by anyone.
    I recommend paypal for most transactions because with it you can open and resolve disputes online.

    Do not send personal or confidential information in instant messenger and avoid opening unknown files. If you share files, verify who its from and what you are sharing, if possible use encryption on instant messenger.

    In the case of telephones, make sure the modem is secure, do not use default settings, use authentication systems, passwords, and firewall.

    For mobile devices, you should use combination locks, never leave devices unattended, do not use conventional bags to store the equipment, use strong passwords, encrypt the content, etc...

    Wireless devices also require a privacy setting so that only legitimate users can connect. Enable encryption and use firewall and antivirus.

    USB devices should be scanned before using, disable automatic detection, restrict sharing among other measures.

    Media files are a special issue, disable the scripts, and do not run files that have not been scanned, do not download unsecure software.

    In the case of third party software, make sure it is original, it is up to date and updated, check the provider, etc.., because it may contain spyware which is a software installed surreptitiously on a computer to collect information and monitor its activities. The most common function of these programs is to collect user information and distribute it to advertising companies.

Check authenticity with the following methods:

    The site should be a well known site.
    It should have the seal of trust of others.
    It should have a privacy statement.
    View comments from other clients.

All the information security tips should be considered seriously.

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