What is an ip address?

This is how an Ip address looks like, 275.831.627.19.

It always consist of four numbers separated by periods(full stops). It is unique for every gadget with internet connection. Its with the use of this that computers and geographical area of connection are identified. That’s why most crackers on the move would prefer to mask it, use public computers to make attacks in another destination.

Lets say, he wants to attack a target in Mexico, and his location is in the United states. He maybe mask his' by changing it to either a Japanese's or any other location, then use an information that belongs to someone from Africa before finally hitting the target (Mexico) so that any one that traces, the possibilities of getting him would be so slim or wouldn't even be possible.

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How website building pay my bills

How do I pay my bills by only providing information without hacking.

Come to think of it, I pay webhosting fee, sit on the computer adding content to my site and a lot of other activities.

Look at it this way, facebook, myspace, twitter, yahoo are trying to get better by the minute.


They earn from the information and services they provide. How is that possible….?

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