Ping utility for windows

Ping utility(Packet InterNet Groper) tests whether a particular host is reachable over an IP network. It also measures what is called the “round trip time” for each packet of info sent from a host to the destination computer or target.

It shows you;

    -if the connection between your computer and particular domain is working efficiently.
    -if you can reach another computer.
    -the internet time and distance in network and geographical terms.

Can be done by going to the start menu type 'cmd' in run and a box will pop-up like the one below. Type in ping followed by the website you want. As an example, I've used google.

I don't think it would be any difficult to do. But if it is, there are websites that do such services. Some can help with the distance and time while others just show the same result your computer can show.

Other websites that offers pinging services are;

  • Explaining the results

  • Packet Loss - shows the percentage of the packets that were not received back. A 100% packet loss may mean the host is either down or is rejecting the ICMP packets sent or a firewall from the host is preventing the whole activity from taking place.

    Minimum – This is the smallest packet round-trip time in milliseconds.

    Average – this is the average packet round-trip time calculated from the time of all received packets.

    Maximum – this is the highest packet round-trip time in milliseconds.

    TTL reply: The millisecond time displayed is the round trip time. The "TTL=52" above says that the incoming ICMP echo reply packet has its TTL field set to 52.

    Now test the result by copying the ip address into the url space in your browser.

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